Thenk (thenk) wrote,

tengo gas

ok people! so im back to using livejournal. i dont know why im so back and forth with this stuff. i guess im a back and forth kind of person eh? anyways since i last blogged absolutely nothing has been going. just more heartache and heartbreak....same ol same ol! anyways i have a new friend! her name is breanna and shes 22. and she goes to my hall. sooner or later ill get a picture of her and you can see what she looks like. lets see who else is new. thats about it really. im still working at the place that makes fine hair care products (JOICO). OOooooOoooOOOooOOo!!!! I GOT A CAR DUDES!!!! I GOT A VOLKSWAGEN GOLF!!! and it soooo r0x your s0x.. its just amazing. i love my laurel... named after laurel. i heart laurel.. i also have a new website its called GREYAVENUE... and you can check it out at anyways im at work and i better get back to work! tootles!
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