Thenk (thenk) wrote,

i only tell the truth of the feelings im given

i saw her yesterday. no words could even describe. i saw her twice. first time i thought she hated me or maybe i was just scared because i wanted to be close to her and really couldnt. second time i saw her i was just i dunno not in love but i was just in awe. i saw her playing the piano and i was just looking at her... and i was like gosh shes beautiful, gosh shes so talented, gosh shes so smart. i didnt know what to do. all these emotions were just flaring and i just couldnt help myself... and her lil girl i dont know shes just soooo cute....adorable even. i would really like to be in there lives if it ever happened. i watched her play basketball it was fun shes pretty good... this girl is like allll talented. she skates even she was trying to bust tricks on my board... she was sooooo cute. sometimes i wanted to drool i dunno im shutting up.... bye
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